Starling Birds Scaring Devices

Lampang Technical College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


This project is titled the ’Starling Birds Scaring Devices’.To protect the crops in the villages, the researchers wanted to chase away the starling birds without harming them. Although there are many environmental benefits of starling birds, the villagers were more troubled by the large numbers of starling birds. The bird’s favorite food includes whole grains, fruits, other insects and food scraps from the humans. Sometimes the starling birds searched food from the wild, but most of the time, they were found troubling the nearby villages. The birds not only damaged the rice fields but were also observed making loud noises while they searched for food.

Features and Benefits

The starling birds scaring devices system works when a button is pressed through the BLYNK application. When the button is pressed, the top of the device mode moves, and through the application, the user can choose from 6 types of sounds. the principle of the project development is that the device uses electric power. therefore the researchers recommend adopting solar cells than electrical power in future planning.
The starling birds scaring device can keep the starling bird away by using an electric device within a 10-meter radius.


# Name
1Miss.Beniawan Wannasan
2Mr. Warawut Sawangwit
3Mrs.Supansa Katongthung
4Ms.Wipada Whaiprib


# Name
1Mr. Thanawut Puttawong
2Miss Papatsara Nuntanoi